Ranch Side Cafe

Multi-EthNic Cuisine

Ethiopian Menu

Extra gluten-free injera $1.50

Side of Ethiopian Vegetables $2.99 each

NEW Summer Fresh Vegan Tacos $10.99

Three tacos filled with your favorite Ethiopian veggies. Served with Ethiopian style salad.

NEW Egg Firfir $9.99
Scrambled eggs and firfir (a spicy blend of crumbled injera with butter sauce and cayenne) over homemade potatoes. 

Sambusa Lentils $3.50, Beef $4.50
This fried pastry, similar to a samosa, comes stuffed with lentils or ground beef.

Shiro Wat with Injera $10.99
This delicious chickpea flour-based stew is slow-cooked with Ethiopia's popular spicy red berbere sauce and served with injera. With steak, add $2.50.

Vegetarian Plate with Injera $13.99
A delicious Ethiopian veggie combination!

Ethiopian Spicy Wraps $11.50
Wrapped in injera, the signature Ethiopian flat bread, or crispy whole wheat tortilla, these spicy vegetable rolls are available in veggie, chicken, or beef options. With chicken or beef add $2.50.

Ethiopian Chicken $13.99
Spicy chicken stew served with hard-boiled egg, and three different Ethiopian vegetables. Served over injera or rice.

Awaze Tibs with Injera $13.99

Spicy beef cooked with tomatoes, onions, cayenne, and butter sauce.

Mushroom Awaze Tibs with Injera $13.99
Spicy mushrooms cooked with tomatoes, onions, cayenne, and butter sauce.